The STATMed Learning Program

The STATMed Learning Program teaches smart medical students and doctors how to get the scores they deserve in the classroom and on board exams. Unlike traditional review courses, STATMed’s unique approach teaches students how to improve performance by teaching detailed skill sets tailored to the demands of medical education curricula. Clients learn how to study more effectively, manage time more efficiently, and take tests more accurately. At the end of a STATMed Class, clients are equipped with a toolkit of specific skills they will use to achieve success in the classroom and on board exams.

Most STATMed clients are either 1) highly motivated medical students who have struggled in the classroom or on their boards, or 2) they are successful doctors who have failed their boards. STATMed clients might include other medical professionals (Pharm D, veterinarian, etc.) who have struggled in a similar manner. A growing percentage of STATMed clients participate proactively to prevent struggling, increase quality of life, or otherwise improve outcomes while in school or preparing for boards.