The STAT Program Is Now STATMed Learning

New Name. New Logo. Same Great Program.

April 11 2017 | by Ryan Orwig

I am proud to announce The STAT Program is now STATMed Learning

The new brand conveys what we do: help people in the medical field (med students, doctors, Pharm Ds, PAs, veterinarians, etc.) acquire better ways to learn (study, time maximization, and boards performance).  

When I christened the company The STAT Program, I always intended the name and logo to be placeholders until I “really sat down and figured out something better.” But after five busy year of working “in” the business and not so much “on” the business, the better name and logo never miraculously happened on their own. Go figure. So, in 2017, we dove in and rebranded. 

We had to keep STAT as the anchor of our brand. This let us keep the name recognition we have worked so hard to build over the last several years online, with our students, and with administrations across the country and beyond; I also wanted to keep STAT because it resonates with who we are:

  • “STAT” means helping someone immediately, and most clients seek us out wanting some sort of help ASAP.
  • “STAT” is associated with medicine; to me, it evokes images of doctors rushing through the emergency departments demanding essential treatments or tests
  • “STAT” can also serve as an acronym: S.T.A.T. for Study, Timing, and Testing, which are the three foundational cornerstones we use for helping our clients.

While The STAT Program was too vague, the new name needed to do two things:

  1. Tell who we helped/who are clients are
  2. Communicate our expertise

Thus, STATMed Learning was born. We kept the name short-ish (still only four syllables!) but now:

  • We keep our anchor “brand” of STAT and its relevant connotations
  • We add MED to communicate who we serve: med students, doctors, and others in related fields like PA, veterinarians, Pharm Ds, etc.
  • We add LEARNING to transmit the general realm our expertise: that we are learning specialists

Finally, the brand needed a pictorial icon that could be used as part of the overall logo or by itself. My goals for the icon included:

  • Must evoke one if not more of the following: medicine, education, and/or test-taking
  • Various configurations (square, rectangle, dark, light, stand-alone icon, etc.)
  • Specific color scheme
  • Usage guide to share with web team, vendors, etc.

The brilliant team at Stewart Design LLC did an incredible job with the overall logo and design for STATMed Learning. The logo itself is part stethoscope (connecting to medicine and to life) and part clipboard (again, associated with medicine but also with education and learning). And they delivered on a color scheme and configurable set of rules for the new brand:  

We are excited as we move forward, continue to grow, and generate new ways to work with students, including our new online STATMed Class. With STATMed Learning’s new name and logo, we are poised to continue to reach more clients and continue to expand the ways we help medical professionals looking for better ways to learn, study, maximize time, and show what they know on board exams.