Tuition:Live In-Person Class - $2600; Live Online Class: - $3000
Location:Huntington, WV (unless otherwise designated) or Online 
Duration:Live In-Person Class: 10-12 days; Live Online Class: 9-10 days
Class Size:Live In-Person Class: 8-14 students; Live Online Class: 4-8 students
Dates: Specific logistics for each class delineated on website

The STATMed Class teaches smart students how to succeed in medical school or related fields: how to improve study sessions, how to maximize time, and how to accurately answer boards-style test questions. We teach various complex skills that you combine into a study system that fits your unique learning needs. Students will learn to:

  • Study more actively, efficiently and effectively
  • Build a “toolkit” of specific study skills suited to the complications of medical education
  • Memorize material in a way that really works, both short and long term
  • Schedule your time to optimize your performance and your life
  • Strengthen focus and reduce distractions
  • Perform better on boards-style exams
  • Restore confidence in academic abilities

Success in the STATMed Class requires a willingness to struggle, completion of all homework, and a plan to continue working independently after the class. Success can never be guaranteed, but the STATMed Class will help you actualize your potential and equip you with tools you can use the rest of your career.


  • Medical students: allopathic and osteopathic programs
  • Students from other professional medical programs: Pharm D, biomedical, veterinarian programs, etc.
  • Repeating students: After failing or taking a leave, they are prepping to repeat
  • Entering students: Getting ready to start school
  • Rising students: After a difficult semester/year, these students want new skill sets
  • Boards students: Students who are struggling to pass boards (USMLE, COMLEX, NAPLEX, etc) or shelf exams


  • Bright students who never struggled before but are now struggling and trying to figure out how to study
  • Students who previously relied on “cramming” but have discovered this method is no longer viable
  • Students who spent more time than their peers in the past only to find that there is no extra time now
  • Students with ADHD or related issues with distractibility, inattentiveness, or impulsivity
  • Students who use passive study skills, or otherwise ineffective study habits
  • Students who are finding they just don’t have enough time to get everything done using their old methods


  • Instructional Time: Live In-Person Class: 35-45 hours; Live Online Class: 25-35 hours
  • Schedule Model: This is a sample model for a given class, but each class has its own dedicated schedule available during enrollment; all schedules are subject to change
  • 1-on-1 Meetings: Each student gets one or two 1-on-1 meetings; other times are available for questions, guidance, feedback, etc.
  • Homework: Expect 2 to 5 hours of homework per night; all assignments use authentic medical school material, but you can replace several of these assignments with your own material with permission


stat table image


  • STATMED Class seats are limited and are given on a first-come, first-serve basis
  • Interested students must contact Ryan Orwig or David LaSalle for an interview to determine if they are viable candidate for the class; once completed, they will be given the proper application materials
  • Students are accepted when they have completed the following 1) Interview with STATMed instructor, 2) completed the application, 3) completed the survey, and 4) made the down payment