"My first semester in my doctor of veterinary medicine program was a disaster. Never before had I struggled so hard to achieve so little.  Between my first and second semester, I attended The STAT Class to acquire the tactical skills no one else could give me (and believe me, I looked everywhere). By the time I finished my second semester, I raised my GPA from 1.6 to 3.8. I never doubted my ability to succeed as a veterinarian, but I desperately needed expert tactical advice to overhaul my learning methods to ensure success.  Ryan’s STAT Class did exactly that.  I couldn’t be more grateful.  Thank you, Ryan!"

– Amanda S., 2nd Year Veterinary Student

"I’m a physician who never failed his steps and I come from an excellent residency program. It was shocking and frankly traumatizing to fail my emergency medicine boards twice. Working with Ryan and his STAT Workshop was great because he seemed to immediately recognize my problems and had readymade solutions. Most importantly, it was great because it worked and I passed on the next attempt."

– Thomas M., MD

"After failing the USMLE Step 1, I was very frustrated and ultimately decided to do the boards workshop due to my school’s prescribed timetable. I passed with a 218. I now understand how to take medical board exams, and I will only get better with more practice."

– Amy T., third year medical student

"When I failed the COMLEX Level 2 twice, I was very frustrated because I felt like I knew the information and should be passing. Then I took the STAT Boards Workshop and my score increased 180 points just by using the techniques taught in the workshop, no more studying. That took me from the 8th percentile to the 73rd percentile. I learned in those 10 hours of the workshop what 250 hours of studying didn’t teach me: how to approach the test questions accurately."

– Chris M., DO, Emergency Medicine resident

"Ryan’s STAT Program helped me identify my learning styles, how to study for the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE), and introduced me to special test taking strategies that fit my specific learning needs. His workshop allowed me to be successful in passing the Board Exam. Ryan’s passion, dedication, and patience are apparent in all of his work. I would highly recommend this program."

– Jenny L., PT, DPT, CLT

"I was worried about starting med school because of my struggles on the MCAT. The STAT Program gave me confidence before starting, and I can now say, if not for the STAT program, I would struggle in medical school. I learned how to retain information, how to attack a test with a strategy and methodology, and eliminated my test anxiety. The results have been amazing. This is a great program to consider taking before you begin medical school. You will be more prepared than your classmates because you will have an approach to study large volumes of material in a short time period and understand how to succeed on each test."

– Marshall S., first year medical student

"I went from failing mini-boards to passing mini-boards and excelling on Step 2. I got by with good grades in high school and college. In medical school, I found out I had no clue how to study, and that still got me through the first two years and Step 1. STAT finds what works for you. It teaches creative ways to learn and never forgetting. I can’t thank Mr. Orwig enough. I am now off to residency!!!"

– Andrea O., Pediatrics resident

"Prior to medical school, I never had to work hard for good grades. I never developed proper study habits or coping mechanisms, and that led to failing my first year, the first time I failed anything. After attending STAT I was able to come back to medical school and confidently repeat my first year. I now have the study tools, test taking skills, and coping mechanisms to effectively manage the crazy life of a med student. Once I got the kinks in my new system worked out, I started seeing an increase in my grades to the point that I’m doing very well—A’s and B’s—and couldn’t be happier."

– Ashley S., repeating first year medical student

"After I made it through my first year of medical school, I hit a wall and knew something had to change. It turned out I had no idea how to study speed and volume of medicine. Ryan was able to help me un-learn the techniques that were holding me back and find a new path. I continue to be thankful to him and his program for helping me find a way to organize myself and control my situation. I never failed a class or a board exam. I would not be where I am today without his program. I highly recommend it."

– Mason B., MD, Internal Medicine physician

"Working with Ryan Orwig and his class transformed me from a terrible test taker into an excellent one! I worked with him after failing USMLE Step 1 three times. He helped my pass it on my fourth and final attempt, and the skills I learned in The STAT Program are ones that I can use for a lifetime. I am currently completing my second year of residency and I am happy to report I have had no problems with standardized exams. THANK YOU RYAN ORWIG!"

– Nelson K., MD, Internal Medicine resident

"I failed my first attempt at medical school, then I heard about STAT and knew I had to take it in order to change everything. The results I received were remarkable. With my new study skills, not only did I have free time to go to the gym and to the various activities on campus, but my grades jumped about 18-20% on average. For example, I went from a 72% to a 91% in biochem and from a 56% to 89% in path. I’ve since passed my Step 1 boards and am doing great on rotations. The STAT Class is most definitely a game changer."

– Jamaal G., third year medical student

"Thanks to the learning system and test-taking process I learned at The STAT Program, I raised my class grades 25-40% across the board as a repeating second year medical student. I just wish I had taken his course before I started medical school!"

– Wendell A., second year medical student

"The STAT Program saved my medical career. After attending a top 15 medical school, spending thousands of dollars on board review programs, and failing USMLE Step 1 twice, my career was in the balance and I had no idea where to find answers. Then I found Ryan. Once I completed the ten-day program, I knew how to prepare for my last attempt at the Step 1 using all of the skills, tools, and insights from the STAT Class. Since completing the program, I have passed my Step exam and three consecutive shelf exams, and I am back on track to graduate! This shows that the program is not about passing ONE test, but ALL tests."

– Michael L., third year medical student

"The STAT Boards Workshop showed me I knew more than enough to pass my emergency medicine boards. When I saw Ryan speak at the NEMBR conference in Las Vegas, I was intrigued. After I talked with him, I knew he understood my weird problems with these tests. After failing my initial certifying exam for emergency medicine two times, I did the STAT Boards Workshop online with Ryan over a few sessions, and I finally passed with an 82%! The process helped me be aware of and regulate all the bad things I was doing on the exam and actually let me know what I know. Thanks, buddy!"

– Ali S., Emergency Medicine physician

"I failed the COMLEX Level 2 multiple times and my scores were dropping instead of improving. It felt hopeless. After working with the STAT BOARDS WORKSHOP for one weekend, my practice scores improved 30%. I took the test two weeks later and passed with a 525! It’s simply amazing how dramatic my test scores improved."

– Dwayne K., DO, Internal Medicine resident

"STAT is for people who want a better quality of life in med school. It is for people who want to study smarter, not harder. It took me from the fourth quartile in my class to the first quartile. It demystified the process of learning."

– Brandon H., first year medical student

"The STAT Class is like an academic boot-camp, where Ryan breaks down everything you do in relation to studying and examsmanship, parses out your weaknesses, and then builds you back up using new tools and techniques to help you become more efficient and effective. I know his program changed my life by helping me finally pass the USMLE Step 1 and USMLE Step 2"

– Jacqueline S., MD, PhD

"I passed all my first year med school classes, but barely and painfully. After attending The STAT Class between MS-1 and MS-2, my grades went up at least 10 percentage points in my second year, even with the increased amount of information presented in that year. Two years later, I can say that taking the course is the reason that I am still in medical school today, including passing my USMLE Step 1 with a solid score on my first attempt."

– Madelyn J. third year medical student

"I just open my score report of Step 3 (the most nerve wrecking moment of life!) and I PASSED! Thank you, thank you, and thank you.  Not only did you save me and my career, you saved my family!!!  That was the biggest victory in life for all of us.  Now, I can peacefully look into my wife's and my son's eyes and not to be ashamed anymore!!! I owe my life to you and your most genuine care in teaching me your magic techniques in test-taking."

– Amir I., Internal Medicine resident

"After failing nearly every test I took during my first year and almost getting dismissed from medical school, I took The STAT Class. Ryan wrote a letter that influenced the promotions committee to give me a second chance because they saw I had a concrete plan for improving myself. When I returned to school to repeat first year, my GPA improved by 15% and I moved up 50 spots in my class rank. I never failed another test in first or second year and passed Step 1 on my first try."

– Mark D., third year medical student